"Linda has treated me for a wide range of issues associated with a chronic illness, including migraine headaches, vertigo, ringing in my ears, joint difficulties, intestinal problems, bulging discs and other back issues. I mention all of these problems to give an indication of her incredible breadth of knowledge. Linda brings a remarkable range of skills to treatment. She is an excellent listener and an extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and gifted practitioner. She has quite simply kept me functioning over the last seven years."

~ Elaine Dyer Tarquinio
Arlington, MA

"I will follow Linda to the ends of the earth for therapy."

~ D.I.
Lincoln, MA

"A craniosacral therapy treatment with Linda is the closest thing to heaven on earth. Using the subtlest touch that goes very deep, it allows for physical and emotional release."

~ Jodi Gorman
Concord, MA

"I am a 68-year-old mixed media artist and gardener who has osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I have been receiving Linda Moran's treatments for the past 10 years. They have enabled my body to be quite functional and relatively pain free. Linda has been a lifesaver for me. It is hard to imagine life without her extraordinary talents. Linda is warm, compassionate, insightful and a good listener. Her insight in uncanny. She is always right on in what my body needs at any particular time. Linda is intelligent and dedicated to keeping up with advances in the field. Skilled in both traditional and non-traditional approaches to PT, Linda has a lot of variety in her bag of treatment options. When a therapist uses their gifts in a way that is so loving, so natural and so effective, it is apparent that you are the recipient of a great healer. I cannot recommend Linda enough."

~ Sally Santosuosso
Lexington, MA

"Just one private yoga session with Linda brought relief to my aching back."

~ Brian Gasbarro
Sudbury, MA

"Linda really seems to know how my body works. She is thorough and looks for possible solutions in a way that I haven't experienced with other physical therapists. I leave her office with my body working better, knowing what to do in between sessions and I feel so relaxed I feel like I have been to a spa. I love that she is a yoga teacher and I can ask her specific questions to modify poses so I don't hurt myself."

~ Szifra Birke
Lowell, MA

"I have worked with a number of PT's and one of the things I like about Linda is her careful and informed explanations that have helped me take better care of myself. One session, she suggested specific stretches for my chronically stiff back and they work great!"

~ Jay Livingston
Lowell, MA