Linda's Philosophy and Approach...

Always attuned to the mind, body and spirit connection, Linda Moran brings an holistic awareness into each treatment. She believes that all three work together and assist the body in its wonderful ability to help and heal itself.

Each client's needs are individually identified, based upon an initial and ongoing structural and functional diagnosis.

Linda's dedication to determine the root cause of the pain or discomfort and treat the body as a whole, not just the painful area, has produced excellent results.

pink_flowersThis holistic approach allows the patient's body to remove obstacles to the natural healing process, activates the healing system to aid recovery and achieve optimal health. Manual treatments are gentle and non-invasive, yet work very deeply. Many clients report that the treatment itself is extremely relaxing.

Intense medical training, the study of Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, Yoga and more, plus decades of first-hand experience as a physical therapist give Linda the added advantage of combining the traditional with the alternative to provide an integrative approach that facilitates healing.

Combining traditional physical therapy with alternative treatments to aid recovery, minimize pain and ensure optimal health